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Month: May 2016

Fashion Tips for Men Over 40

The Color Palette For You!
Keep within the range of blacks, blues, grays, browns, burgundy, and beige.
So, you’ve turned 40? And people have started noticing gray in you? All we would say is, that you should actually take pride that you’ve lived all these years. Don’t faux a style that doesn’t belong to your generation. All you need to do is improvise your wardrobe with comfortable, yet gentleman-like clothes. In fact, most of the clothes from your thirties can easily transit to your 40s’ wardrobe.

Don’t follow fashion fads. Fashion trends flicker with every season, but style is what remains. For instance, you would not wear tees that are worn by teens, just because they are in. Even if your favorite fashion magazine tells you that skinny jeans are in trend, you’re not gonna wear them! You have to think of something that is timeless and mature. And in fact, many of you would already have your styles; you just need to polish your equation of styling.

Prefer Quality to Quantity. Choose fabrics that are 100% cotton, wool, linen, etc. for a neat, sturdy look.

Keep it simple and classy! Don’t jam your closet with flashy ties, glittery cufflinks, and shimmery waistcoats. Style your age. Decent is the word.

Carry a clean-shaven and well-groomed look. Well, just for your info, women prefer clean-shaven men.

We are all set to get you a classic wardrobe, that showcases the man you are on the inside.
Embrace the ‘Gentleman’ Look

Dress your age. Jeans and casuals are not from our first picks. Embrace the urban gentlemanly attitude. Pick well-tailored suits. The fabric and the fit of the suit is the most important. Fitted suits would make you look slimmer (and younger). A black jacket and white dress shirt makes a legendary fashion statement.
Grab Slim-fit Oxford Shirts and Trousers!

Comfort and maturity―the key to styling elegantly in 40s. Cotton or linen trousers would fit the bill. Showcase the clean and modern look with straight trousers, and fitted-shirts. Don’t get too colorful while picking shirts, ’cause this will give the appearance that you’re trying hard.
Snatch Sexy Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters add a luxurious casual appeal to the attire. Pick buttoned sweater vests, or V-neck sweaters, something that compliments well on your regular wear, and carry a fresh, relaxed look.
Go Trench with Trenchcoats

Trenches and overcoats add depth to your attire. Get a piece that fits you perfectly, and gives you the slimmer, taller appearance.
Winters are Seasonal, Scarves aren’t!

A pair of leather gloves with a lissom fit can never cease looking stylish. Woolen gloves also qualify the comfort matrix, but should be worn if season allows you to. Worn with a sweater or an overcoat, a pair of gloves can lend a sophisticated look. To add a pop to your attire, accessorize with a scarf.
Neck Ties. Bow ties. Cufflinks.

To separate you from the office lot, make it a point to accessorize your outfit with ties and cufflinks. Don’t pick jazzy colors. Go for silk ties, textured or patterned can pass out, but remember to keep it elegant. Play it safe with blue, black, and brown.

You don’t just need to wear a watch on suits, you also need to wear it when you’re not in your suits―modern and minimalist. If you’re going with the no-jacket-look, a leather belt is a must!
Woo the Masses with the Right Sunglasses

Find the right pair of sunglasses considering your face shape, and the age. Keep away from luster and glaze. Get a real pair!
Leave Colorful Sneakers for Teens

Well, nothing can beat a pair of black lace-up shoes in formal association, but you could try grays and browns. We suggest to always go for pointed shoes that impart a slimmer sooth. To keep on the smart-casual line, a pair of brogues or loafers will do. Camel and beige are newer colors to try, which will add a sporty pop to your outfit.
The Final Formal Look!

The Final Casual Look!

Decide your outfit based on temperature, location, and the event. Don’t mix casual wear with business wear. When working with casual shorts, be careful on how much you need to expose your knees. Though it may be your favorite suit, you need not wear it on casual evenings.

A common mistake that men often do is moving around in boyish haircuts. Get away with the juvenile look. You need to get something that is more respectable and manly.

Where to Buy Cheap Designer Handbags

Accessories are one of the most important items in any woman’s wardrobe as the right accessory can instantly perk up a plain outfit. One such accessory is a handbag. Most women will go to great lengths to acquire the latest and the trendiest handbag. But designer handbags comes with a designer price tag and not many of us can afford them. So should you just buy a cheaper bag if you cannot splurge your entire months salary on such a designer piece. Well you can still buy a designer handbag provided you know the right place to find these designer bags and purses for less. Here we will guide you on how you can get cheap designer purses and handbags for women.

Where to Buy Designer Handbags for Less

Whether you like designer totes, clutches or satchels, there is no need for you to pay retail prices for them. Many designer boutiques hold annual sales of designer handbags at a discounted price. These sales are seldom advertised and even your best friend will not let you now about them. The best way to know about these annual sales is to ask the high-end designer boutiques or be on their online privileged customer list. One of my friends snagged a great Fendi clutch at a 70 per cent discount. The best thing about purchasing designer handbags from sales is that you can get a very good bargain and you are also sure that you are buying a genuine product and not some cheap knockoff. Most high-end designers also try to sell all their handbags of the previous season at a very low price. So you should always look out for these clearance sales to snag a trendy piece for yourself.

Department Stores
I know you would love to get your hands on Hermes Berkin bag or a Chanel 2.25. But these premier designer handbags are very, very expensive. So the next best thing would be to go for designer handbags which are comparatively less pricey. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chloe are two designer handbag labels that can be comparatively cheaper in price. Most department stores hold sales around mid year and they usually have a very good collection of designer handbags. All designers do not price their handbags in the same way and some designers do have reasonably priced handbags. When you like a particular handbag at a department stores sale, it is best that you purchase it immediately without overthinking about it. Believe me, I have lost out on many a good handbag because I didn’t buy the bag just then.

Online Stores
When you are thinking of purchasing a designer handbag, one great way to do so is to buy handbags online. There are many online stores that offers you great discounts as well as great variety. However make sure that the site sells only authentic designer handbags and not replicas or knockoffs. Periodically the fashion house itself holds online sales of previous seasons handbags, and this a great opportunity to buy designer handbags at the fraction of its original price. Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke, Juicy Couture, Guess are some of the cheap designer handbag labels that you can have for under 50 dollars after sale.

These were some ways in which you can snag a designer handbag for less. One very important thing to remember while buying cheap designer handbags is that you should know how to spot a fake. Look carefully at the lining and the inside zipper as well as the stitching of the bag. Verify the logo so that you are sure that you are buying an original designer handbag. There is no use paying less, if you are not getting an authentic designer handbag.

Buying Tote Bags

In order to carry all the books, notebooks, project papers, research materials, activity books, and the rest of the stuff which is required for colleges, you need a durable and large bag. A college bag or backpack is the best option that carries all your college essentials and keeps your hands free. However, carrying the same old pattern college backpack all the time and for each year starts to get boring.

A tote bag is nothing but a large purse or handbag which is used for carrying things in bulk. Marine community also uses tote bags, that are today popular as boat bags or sail bags. Tote bags are ideal to carry all the important things like, books, everyday items, some clothes like a scarf, makeup items, cosmetics, and other trivial stuff. These bags are more popular amongst girls than boys. However, there is a wide range of tote bags for boys as well. Using these bags is the latest trend which is gaining popularity these days.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tote Bag

Fashion tote bags are great and really useful for college going people, especially girls. First thing that you need to consider while purchasing a tote bag is that it should be large enough to carry the stuff that you need on a regular basis, which mostly includes books and notebooks. Apart from that, the bag that you purchase should also have an additional space for your personal stuff like gadgets and cosmetics. It is the reason why one can say that choosing the right type of tote bag depends upon your personal preferences. For instance, some may prefer a tote bag which is big enough to carry their laptop, while some may prefer a tote bag with extra space for their books as well as gym clothes. Hence, first of all you need to set your preferences straight before you start searching for the bag.

Tote bags are available in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. You should go for the one that best suits your daily college requirements. These bags are typically made of a heavily treated or tough material and hence they are quite durable for a long term and rough usage. Common materials that are used for making tote bags are treated canvas, jute, nylon, treated polyester, cotton, etc. You can also find some chic pebble leather tote bags. Some bags are available with zippers and compartments, while some are available with one large storage section. These bags are available in a wide range of size and price too. They are also available with slight modifications in the typical and cute messenger bags for laptops.

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Popular Brands that Offer Tote Bags

There are various brands that offer you a great variety of college tote bags. You can also check some online stores and websites of popular brands and find out some great deals for cheap tote bags. There are a few brands that specialize in tote bags for laptops, for instance Laurex and Hadaki Multitasker. If you want big tote bags for books and notebooks, you can prefer brands like Wildkin Butterfly, Dakine Ava, Ogio, Derringer tote bags, etc. If you prefer alternative and Indie style bags, then Ed Hardy Unisex Messenger Bags, Disney Nightmare Before Christmas-Skull Punk Sally Goth tote messenger bag, band bags, leather bags, Guns N Roses, Ramones, etc., offer good options.

If you want large tote bags with typical plaids, you can search for the brands like High Sierra Plaid, Hurley Special Blend, Dakine Women’s Messenger Print Bag, JanSport Elefunk, Roxy Broken Rules Laptop Bag, etc. You will surely get some trendy plaid patterns like black and white saddle, chocolate chip saddle, sophisticated black plaids, classic plaids, Twilight plaid, plush plaid, Vivienne plaid, etc. On the other hand, if you are in search of some plain and solid colored totes, then brands like Timbuk2, Hadaki Multitasker, Manhattan Portage, Clark & Mayfield, Northface Base Camp, etc., are made for you. Some popular colors for college tote bags are pink, black, purple, chocolate, green, light green, orange, black and white, multicolored stripes, and chocolate pink.

The prices of the bags vary according to their brand and style. You may also get some great additional discounts for online shopping. All these things make tote bags even more attractive, inexpensive, and all in all, a must have accessory for all college goers.

Best dinner dress for men

Over the years, significant strides have been taken by the fashion designers all across the globe to give equal importance to men’s fashion when it comes to men’s fashion show during men’s fashion week. But what has really taken a big long leap is the dinner dress for men that are inspired from the mens fashion show and mens fashion week these days, not entirely though.

But what we see in mens fashion show and mens fashion week these days surely have played a major role in uping the look of those dinner dress for men. Long gone are the days, when being prepared for a dinner was all about wearing a suit, for, times have changed and so have the styles and process of choosing a dinner dress for men. Occasions play a major role in deciding what kind of a dinner dress for men will suit you, but wouldn’t it feel great when someone walked up to you and told you – hey I have seen something like this in one specific mens fashion show or during the recently concluded mens fashion week?

Here are few options that are high these days as dinner dress for men…

For formal events: Honestly speaking, formal events makes one task a hell lot easier when it comes to choosing a dinner dress for men as you already have few guidelines to fall onto. For a formal event, we would suggest a black-tie look that takes inspiration from any fashion event and you would also find people wearing it during mens fashion week as it is a symbol of class and chic style. And as a dinner dress for men they always leave an impeccable impression on everyone. Don’t ever think for once that you are limited to black and other muted, dark tones at the formal events, as for formal dinners you want to make sure that you look your best and let people say – that is some dinner dress for men.

Dinner as a first date: May be the idea of dinner for a date is old-fashioned but then it surely isn’t the cursed one. Trust us when we say that dinners for date can still woo any woman. There is every good chance that you would get to play around here for what you wear as your dinner dress. Once you have figured out what the restaurant has in store for you in terms of ambience and mood you can pick your outfit with ease. A chic shirt with formal trousers if teamed in right shades can give an impression of being inspired from a mens fashion show and why not? After all, you want to make sure that all those days that you have explore the latest trends while watching the mens fashion shows and mens fashion week do not go waste right?