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Perfect Hairstyle for Your Graduation Day

images (1)Graduation Day is a solemn ceremony, a moment of achievement and pride in the life of all students. Years of hard work, dedication and tenacity pay off as you walk up the alley and onto the stage to receive your degree. You walk up to the podium, and prepare to recite the speech you had written, only to realize the words seem futile and seem nothing on the backdrop of the times you have spent in your college or university. All that matters are the memories you created… and then it seldom becomes easy to keep your eyes dry!
Graduation Day is a milestone in your academic life that you deeply cherish for years to come. It is but obvious you want to look your best on this special day! Though everybody finds it pretty easy to pick the right outfit for the day, one maybe bummed when it comes to one thing – your hair! Should you tie them up? Cut them? What? Here are a few suggestions…
Graduation Hairstyle Ideas

If you have long flowing hair that fall below your shoulders onto your back, YOU ARE BLESSED! There

Shopping Online For Trendy Plus Size

download (2)Shopping for plus size teenager clothing in stylish up to date fashion that suits your individual taste and needs can be very frustrating at times. It is helpful to look for shops that specialise in plus sizes as the clothing is designed for your shape and will ensure a  perfectly fitting garment. The next important factor is to find a shop that offers a variety of up to date plus size fashion and styles to browse over. The price is another important factor especially for our younger plus sizes who really can’t afford to pay a fortune for clothing that probably will not be worn again next year. I have a list of shops below that offer all of the above tips and also ship internationally right to your doorstep another must when shopping online.

1. Alight is an online shop that is well know as the place to buy trendy plus size teenager clothing that is exclusively designed for plus size teens and young women. They have one of the biggest and best selection of trendy plus size teen clothing and accessories online. Customers can browse over a variety of different

Perfectly dressed at his wedding for men

download (1)It is well known fact that, for anybody wedding is one of the most important and special day of their lives. So, it is understandable that a lot of preparation is required to look wonderful and special on your wedding day. However, it more easily said than done, wedding preparation is not only time consuming but it is also a very rigorous process and yet, even after all those preparations it is not guaranteed that everything will go well. But, you don’t need to worry about this as, Bentex Suits, which is one of the leading providers of men’s wedding suits in Sydney, is more than happy to help you. Not only this, whether you want bespoke suits or made to measure suits in Sydney then, Bentex Suits is the best option that is available to you.

  • Buying expensive suits doesn’t mean that you’ll look perfect on your wedding, it doesn’t even mean that you’ll look good. Though, there are lots of factors involved, which ultimately decides your complete look but the main thing that you must keep in mind is the fitting. From shoulders to your pants

How to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape?

It is the day when the bride is the star of the moment, and she ought to feel and look her best. With all eyes on her on the special day, her dress becomes an important factor that decides her overall look.

A dress, as we believe, should reflect the true you. Which is why, you need to choose a dress that flatters your body shape. That said, choosing the right dress is one of the most important tasks for a bride-to-be. While a lot has to be considered while finding the right dress, the shape of the body determines the perfect fit for the dress.

Here’s your guide to find the dress that will make people stop right in their tracks to observe you―the beautiful and stunning bride.


Apple-shaped bodies have a large frame with wide shoulders, making the body appear to be more voluptuous than the others. Little waist definition, owning to a fuller bust and bottoms, does make the individual appear heavier on their upper body. This body shape is blessed with slender arms and legs that can easily be highlighted by dressing right.

Say YES to:
If your body resembles the shape of an apple, you should choose

Fashion Advice for Men

When it comes to fashion, style, and dressing in a trendy way, most men find themselves at sea. I have seen many men who still dress up the way they used to during college, although now they are well into their late twenties! What most men don’t realize is that with a bit of creativity, they can completely turn around the way they look and dress up.

Dress Your Age
It is very important that a man dresses his age. For instance, a low cut jeans would look great on a teen or a 20 something guy, but the same on a forty or fifty year old, no matter how maintained or toned his body is, would look ridiculous.

Make Comfort Your priority
Your clothing should be such that you are completely at ease in it. Comfortable clothes, more than any of the trendy ones, will make you look much more confident and stylish any day! So, avoid blindly running after brands and latest trends. Instead, develop your own unique, comfortable dressing style.

Get the Correct Fit
Always buy clothes which fit on perfectly, i.e., they should be neither too loose nor too tight. The right fit for you would be

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

The two things that are almost common in all the wedding dresses are, the style and the color. Most brides prefer well fitting gowns that feature a fitted bodice and a flared-up skirt-like structure, below the waistline. Whereas, the color ranges within shades of white and pink. If you want your wedding dress to be non-conventional, you can mix and match various styles and colors to make a wedding dress that defines your style. Also, if your wedding party is themed, you would want your wedding dress to be designed according to it.

However, some like to break the rules and play it differently. Why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s their wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the bride and the groom. This day is special and they have the complete rights to decide how everything has to be. So, why not begin with the wedding dress?
Traditional Wedding Dress

A traditional wedding dress for the bride usually looks like an elegant gown, the color – a decent shade of white, the design – a little frilly, a white tiara, a gorgeous white veil and all other accessories are chosen to suit them.

The various parts of a

Graduation Dresses

As you advance to higher classes, education becomes crucial as each stage is a building block in your academic career. One such stage is graduating from the 8th grade to a higher class. Graduation is a huge deal for middle school students and in most schools it entails a ceremony and party. Dressing up, obviously, is an inevitable part of the party. Usually, it is advisable to wear a dress shorter than the graduation cloak so that it doesn’t stick out and cause any hindrance. A lot of parents opt for getting the perfect dress stitched for their daughters, and with some help, the work is bound to get easier. Here are our top 5 picks.

Pleated dresses are stitched in a way to flatter your waist and hips without giving a bulky look. Also, an A-line dress suits all body types. Like the one shown in the photo, a yellow dress is perfect to wear on your graduation day.
Yellow is a fresh color and teaming it up with accessories that are either silver or gold will give it a perfect look suitable for the ceremony as well as the after-party. You can either wear strappy heels, pumps

Popular Teen Hairstyles

Jim Morrison once quoted, Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. Teenagers around the world, it’s time to give these words a slight twist and make your hairstyle your best mistake ever. Did anyone ever tell you that these are the best years to experiment with your look?

Girls, whether you are looking for a style that says the sweet ‘girl-next-door’ or something that represents your individuality, the possibilities are numerous.

And whoever said guys do not have enough options when it comes to styling their hair! Whatever be the length of your hair, you have options to look like the coolest guy who knows what’s hot and what’s not.
Styles for Girls

Spotted on – Emma Watson

Looking for something that’s short, edgy, and screams sophistication? Then this hairstyle is the best option for you. Although the pixie has been around since the 1920s, it ranks high on the trendy meter even today.
This style requires very little maintenance, making it the perfect choice for teenage girls. Make sure you go to a trusted stylist to get the pixie; the right cut is extremely important. Use a styling product like mousse and the blow-dryer occasionally; the stares

Fashion Advice for Women

Fashion is a lot of things, beautiful, befuddling, bizarre, and bodacious. A dress or a silhouette that can look ethereal and utterly gorgeous on the runway, can look like a disaster from outer space in real life. And if getting the look right is not task enough, you need to ensure that you get the trend right while making it work for your body type and facial structure. Fashion is no more limited to just the clothes you wear. From the bag you carry to the shoes you don, to even the watch on your wrist that serves more than just a functional purpose, fashion dictates almost everything. Getting it right can be easy as long as you stick to a few basics of the game. There are some things that you need to have in your wardrobe, which will ensure that you never go wrong. While fashion trends can be tempting to follow, more often than not they disappear within a month or two, leaving you with clothes that you will never wear again. Sticking to basics while experimenting with silhouettes, cuts, and colors, and developing your own personal sense of style is the best way to

Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

They say, a woman’s beauty grows with her age, and she looks more and more graceful in her middle age. But women think the exact opposite. According to them, they look old with wrinkles on their faces! However, this doesn’t mean you stop dressing up and change your wardrobe into a dump of loose, light-colored clothes. Fashion is for everyone, and age has absolutely nothing to do with it as the whole motive of fashionable clothes and accessories is to please yourself and make yourself feel great!

So, if you are a woman over the age of 50, let me tell you, you are still young to try out new styles, new colors, new accessories, and of course, gorgeous “new shoes”. There are innumerable fashion tips for the older women, which can make them look fresh and youthful. So, if you are looking for such simple and effective fashion tips, take a look at the sections below.

Fashion Ideas for Women Above 50
For those who want to look good, age should not be a hindrance! Many women give up on fashion, thinking that it is for the young and that they won’t look great in fashionable clothes. However, being

Fashion Tips for Men Over 40

The Color Palette For You!
Keep within the range of blacks, blues, grays, browns, burgundy, and beige.
So, you’ve turned 40? And people have started noticing gray in you? All we would say is, that you should actually take pride that you’ve lived all these years. Don’t faux a style that doesn’t belong to your generation. All you need to do is improvise your wardrobe with comfortable, yet gentleman-like clothes. In fact, most of the clothes from your thirties can easily transit to your 40s’ wardrobe.

Don’t follow fashion fads. Fashion trends flicker with every season, but style is what remains. For instance, you would not wear tees that are worn by teens, just because they are in. Even if your favorite fashion magazine tells you that skinny jeans are in trend, you’re not gonna wear them! You have to think of something that is timeless and mature. And in fact, many of you would already have your styles; you just need to polish your equation of styling.

Prefer Quality to Quantity. Choose fabrics that are 100% cotton, wool, linen, etc. for a neat, sturdy look.

Keep it simple and classy! Don’t jam your closet with flashy ties, glittery cufflinks, and

Where to Buy Cheap Designer Handbags

Accessories are one of the most important items in any woman’s wardrobe as the right accessory can instantly perk up a plain outfit. One such accessory is a handbag. Most women will go to great lengths to acquire the latest and the trendiest handbag. But designer handbags comes with a designer price tag and not many of us can afford them. So should you just buy a cheaper bag if you cannot splurge your entire months salary on such a designer piece. Well you can still buy a designer handbag provided you know the right place to find these designer bags and purses for less. Here we will guide you on how you can get cheap designer purses and handbags for women.

Where to Buy Designer Handbags for Less

Whether you like designer totes, clutches or satchels, there is no need for you to pay retail prices for them. Many designer boutiques hold annual sales of designer handbags at a discounted price. These sales are seldom advertised and even your best friend will not let you now about them. The best way to know about these annual sales is to ask the high-end designer boutiques or be on their

Buying Tote Bags

In order to carry all the books, notebooks, project papers, research materials, activity books, and the rest of the stuff which is required for colleges, you need a durable and large bag. A college bag or backpack is the best option that carries all your college essentials and keeps your hands free. However, carrying the same old pattern college backpack all the time and for each year starts to get boring.

A tote bag is nothing but a large purse or handbag which is used for carrying things in bulk. Marine community also uses tote bags, that are today popular as boat bags or sail bags. Tote bags are ideal to carry all the important things like, books, everyday items, some clothes like a scarf, makeup items, cosmetics, and other trivial stuff. These bags are more popular amongst girls than boys. However, there is a wide range of tote bags for boys as well. Using these bags is the latest trend which is gaining popularity these days.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tote Bag

Fashion tote bags are great and really useful for college going people, especially girls. First thing that you need to consider while purchasing a tote bag

Best dinner dress for men

Over the years, significant strides have been taken by the fashion designers all across the globe to give equal importance to men’s fashion when it comes to men’s fashion show during men’s fashion week. But what has really taken a big long leap is the dinner dress for men that are inspired from the mens fashion show and mens fashion week these days, not entirely though.

But what we see in mens fashion show and mens fashion week these days surely have played a major role in uping the look of those dinner dress for men. Long gone are the days, when being prepared for a dinner was all about wearing a suit, for, times have changed and so have the styles and process of choosing a dinner dress for men. Occasions play a major role in deciding what kind of a dinner dress for men will suit you, but wouldn’t it feel great when someone walked up to you and told you – hey I have seen something like this in one specific mens fashion show or during the recently concluded mens fashion week?

Here are few options that are high these days as dinner

Fashion Tips for Career Women

Do you wake up in the morning wondering how to jazz up your office look? Even if you are not a fashionistas, you should seriously be concerned about your look since like books, which are often judged by their cover, the way you dress says a lot about you.

Literally, fashion for career women has become an integral part of their lives. Whether you are in need of a new dress or not, you will surely be tempted to buy those newly designed dresses which are worn by the Hollywood style icons or the garments that are displayed in your local shopping malls. However, there are certain things that you need to be aware of when deciding which fashion to go with.

When it comes to fashion tips, it seems that everyone tried numerous style advices. Some of them are really useful, while others are not so much. With that in mind, we have jotted down 5 simple but unique fashion tips for career ladies. With these fashion tips, you’ll be good on your way to living your most fashionable life.

Dress According To Your Body type

One of the most common rules every

Buy Baby Clothing

Where do you start?

Buying baby clothing can be tricky business, especially for first time mums, there are so many baby dresses and outfits to choose from! I know I had a difficult time and made some blunders with my purchases along the way. Take advice from the guide below there are plenty of tips from mums on ‘how to buy baby clothing’ successfully.

1) What kind of baby clothing will I need?

Buying baby clothing can be a boggling experience, as your bump grows you will probably start to panic – ‘I don’t have any baby clothes!’ You will probably do what I did and start wandering around all the stores that sell baby clothes, baby furniture, baby gifts and so on. The choice is endless, this is where the danger lies in buying too many clothes for baby.

Too many baby clothes means your baby will only wear them once or twice (or sometimes not at all), babies grow very quickly and the next size up in that special outfit is needed before you know it! Leaving you with the cutest outfits ever, but no VALUE FOR MONEY.

The ideal way to buy baby clothing is to make sure you have

Choose Dresses for Chubby Women

For a woman who looks full and has lost most of her curves, undoubtedly, the dress selection for perfect look becomes a serious issue.

The rules say that a chubby woman needs to select clothes with much care. If not paid enough attention, she might end up loosing a lot of money on something which doesn’t suit her at all.

First of all, most of the time, she must accept that the tighter clothes are not for her. If she deliberately wears tighter garments, it means she is not ready to accept her appearance. But there is a hope, she can still wear some tighter beachwear like swimsuit or spandex.

But when not near a beach, she must consider loose-fits only. Why? She needs to hide her body flaw. Generally, anything made of cotton can be suitable. They give her extra edge and ventilation both.

In winters, a chubby woman must go for sweatshirts. They hide the chubbiness a lot. Try it with jeans and legwarmers.

One of the best way to get smartly dressed is to wear floaty dresses. However, any floaty dress must be worn with good looking belts.

Fashion Designing Internship

The amazing development of the style business and the resultant extraordinary rivalry in the business sector has made design plan entry level position enormously huge. It is huge not just for the applicants looking for entry level position in various organizations, additionally for the organizations taking them. The target of the two may be distinctive however it has added to the development of temporary job programs for sprouting style creators.

Style outline temporary positions help organizations get the prepared accessibility of gifted and form instructed applicants. These applicants, with their insight, convey worth to the organizations in a financially savvy path, as their pay rates are generally low.

For the style plan applicants the entry level positions offer a chance to get a direct ordeal of the style outline industry. They see this experience critical for their profession. The experience gives them an edge, which they can use further bolstering their good fortune once they enter the business. All the time, the understudies wind up getting all day business opportunities in the organization. is a leading B2B portal through which you can get updated information about top Degree in Interior Design Chandigarh. To know more about our

Fashion Trend And Celebrities’ Taste

Different celebrities have different preference about their sunglasses, however, all of them sometimes have some common parts and similarities, maybe a element, the tips of fashion trend or classic style which will never out-of-date. Here best sunglasses collection of celebrities shades, let’s check out the fashion trend and celebrities’ taste.

Cindy Crawford Sunglasses

Starting with the former supermodel Cindy Crawford, take a look at the pic above, here Cindy shows her stunning genes came from in these sexy shield-style shades which is an important element that have are usually can be found in both female and male sunglasses.

Liam Hemsworth Sunglasses

I guess you guys probably know hunky Liam Hemsworth best as Miley Cyrus’ main squeeze, however, it is a fact that he is soon to become a star in his own right due to the film named”The Hunger Games” , based on the cult-followed series of books. Well, here he is simply irresistible in a plaid shirt and sporty Carrera sunglasses, cool and fashionable.

Kate Middleton Sunglasses

Finally, let’s turn our eyes into Kate Middleton. In most people’s minds, even princesses can end up solo on Valentines Day, so did Kate. With Prince William deployed to the Falklands, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate

Become A Successful Fashion Choreographer

Fashion/ Catwalk Choreography focuses on get ready models to present the pieces of clothing in a drawing in and master way. These choreographers expect a critical part in the cadence, subject, feel and blueprint of fashion runway shows up. Fashion choreographer is on a very basic level the show official. He or she needs to instruct the models to walk around the music that is to be played for a fashion appearance or an event, in a way that looks stunningly captivating and additionally charming and chic. It can speak to the snippet of truth an entire fashion show up. Today, originators are amped-up for utilizing able choreographers since they understand that choreographers are vital to ensure the accomplishment of their appearances.

Tips To Become A Successful Fashion Choreographer:

1. It is all about presentation

Fashion is all about appearance. Fashion shows are fun and imaginative method for highlighting a percentage of the moral issues encompassing the fashion industry. There is a great deal to be considered so it is well worth arranging ahead. Also, in Delhi, fashion changes outrageously with time. The clothes that were supposedly the best selling this morning can be the flop